Quaden Bayles: Viral Video Flooded with Conspiracy


Olivia Frank, Reporter

 Many people get picked on both in school and out in the world for being different. Quaden Bayles, a young boy, assumed to be 9 years old, lives with a fairly common medical condition called dwarfism. His mother, Yarraka Bayles, posted a video of him sobbing and talking about how the bullying he experienced affected him. Bayles says in the six-minute video, “give me a rope… I want to kill myself” and “I just want to stab myself in the heart. I want someone to kill me.” Apparently other children had been calling him a midget and tapping him on the head pointing out his differences. People called him “the dumbest kid in class.”In the post, Yarraka mentions that this is not the first time her son has talked about suicide. She also reveals that Quaden was deeply affected by the death of his stillborn little brother and his grandfather and that he thinks he would be better off in heaven. 

      NRL teams have rallied around his cause trying to raise awareness of bullying. The video has gotten so much publicity that celebrities have not only supported him socially and they have also been very supportive financially. Quaden was offered and took the chance to run out onto the field with his favorite rugby team. In addition, the family was offered a free trip to Disneyland. 

      Recently the video was taken down after going viral. Despite all of the support, twitter users are questioning whether or not the video is fake, although other posts seem to back up the boy’s heartbreaking tale. 

Quaden Bayles is allegedly a nine-year-old boy from Australia. But after conspiracy theories and imposter accounts sparked on the internet, Quaden and his mother both vanished from social media. This act of disappearance seems very suspicious. There are not only theories regarding the truth behind the video but thousands are even questioning the age of Quaden. The mother has said on multiple interviews that he is 9 years old born around December 13th, 2010, but the exact date is uncertain since posts have been deleted from her Facebook. Many conspiracy theories point to Quaden being 18 years old and scamming the world. Components of this claim, however, offered little in terms of proof. In fact, the biggest piece of supporting “evidence” is a photograph of the 9-year-old boy standing next to the number 18. Other photographs supposedly showing the 9-year-old boy in more “adult” poses were also spread online. Many people say he’s an Instagram celebrity who just deleted captions having anything to do with his 18th birthday.