Leaving a twin sibling at college


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

     Leaving high school and going off to college is hard, especially if you have a twin sibling. You’ve grown up with this person for the majority of your life, them knowing you more than you know yourself, your bond thicker than a normal sibling relationship, and whether you think so or not, you wouldn’t know what to do without them,

      With such a close bond, living far away from each other will put a strain on it, each of you heading your separate ways and living different lives. Living states away or even a couple of hours away from each other will make it seem as if it’s a whole different country.

       While going to different states or cities is an issue, try going to separate schools beginning junior year. This was the start of a separate life from each other but turned out to be sadder as you no longer get to share the same experiences of being teenagers with one going to community college and one still in high school.

       You would think it would make an official separation easier, but it only makes it harder. 

       What’s expected from this twin separation heading into college at different schools is a gap in your relationship. This, however, will make seeing each other all that much more special as you get to reconnect. 

       The first semester will be tough, no longer getting to know what’s happening to them every second of the day and having different breaks as well will be tougher. But making plans of going on a trip together will make it like an adventure once you see each other. Getting to go see each other at each other’s schools will also make everything feel abnormal, heading to a different campus unknown to you and your twin will probably make it a thing to introduce you to everyone they know. 

        The key to going to separate colleges is to take it as it comes because it will come. There’s no avoiding it but it shouldn’t be the end of the world.