Bikers Against Child Abuse


Angelina Edson

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organization to help create a safer enviorment for young childern who are being abused. They bring support to children that are being abused and want to stand up for them. This organization does not bring violence or physical force, they are trying to stand up for children and not let the abuse continue further on. If circumstances arise they are trying every obstacle to prevent, but they are ready to be that obstacle. 


The B.A.C.A. has been going on for a while now and help children with their self confidence, their feeling for safety, decrease negative behavior and they help children with their sense of belonging and acceptance. They help with turning fear into confidence, and that is something we need in this society today, because everyone needs a little more self confidence to overcome fear, it helps so much in the future. T


B.A.C.A. will come to your location on motorcycles and they will introduce themselves and give an introduction on how they are there to help. After that the problem will be taken care of or further procedures will take place. You can make donations to this organization over PayPal you can make as little as 25$ or more. This organization is very strong towards individuals they are protecting, putting the children first before themselves. 


You can contact them on the international  board, North American Board, European Continental board. They also have a website,   that is great for other information about this organization.