Do the mask Help?

Do the mask Help?

Angelina Edson

Can wearing a surgical mask help you stay clear from the Coronavirus? 


The answer is no, wearing a surgical mask won’t help you.


 Surgical masks are very thin and do not contain filtration, this can lead to people around you getting sick. What can help you against this new Coronavirus is the N95 Respirator Mask. You can purchase these masks at Home Depot or Amazon, for a pack of ten are 25$. This mask is designed with a snug close facial fit and also contains an effective filtration of airborne particles. This N95 respirator mask blocks at least 95% of very small particles. People wearing these masks should dispose of them after each use.


 If you are sick it is best to stay home and rest, when you go out to places you are taking a risk to everybody around you getting sick as well. The Coronavirus is spread mainly from person to person. People who are between six feet from each other could have the possibility of catching this disease. When you cough or sneeze respiratory drops can land on your mouth or nose and you could possibly inhale it into your lungs. Make sure you are disinfecting your household and other things you use on a daily basis to kill bacteria. Increasing your intake on vitamin C will help reduce certain pathogens and it also enhances your immune system. If you have any symptoms of a fever, cough, or shortness of breath get in contact with your doctor right way. It is good to take care of the little problems before they turn into bigger problems. 


The best way to prevent this illness is to avoid being exposed. This disease is very contagious so be sure you wash your hands and take proper precautions for the Coronavirus.