MLB Spring training 2020


Holden Paddock, Writer

MLB Spring training has kicked off and some teams are looking to shock some teams this year. Spring training is held in Florida and Arizona and the teams are split up on where they play.  Although a lot of talk is about the Houston Astros scandal of them stealing signs it’s in the past and we need to move forward. There have been some big names getting used to their new homes, Gerrit Cole with the New York Yankees, Mookie Betts with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Anthony Rendon with the Los Angeles Angels. There are many players that are making an impact on their team and are ready for the season to kick off. Although Chris Davis had one of the worst known slumps in mlb history not getting a hit in 54 straight at bats this spring training he had two home runs in the first week of grapefruit league meaningless game or not the man is due to have a great season. He added 25 pounds of muscle and it looks like it’s paying off. Another interesting fact is the marlins are 6-0 which although the games don’t count it will definitely have them confident for the season to start. Nolan Arenedo and Kris Bryant are still on the trading block up to this date. Both are all star third basemens on their team and they might get traded soon. Cory Kluber, Garrett Richards, and Miguel Andujar were all hurt in 2019 and are healthy now and looking forward to having a great 2020 season. Bryce harper looks like an early MVP in spring, if he keeps it up he should be able to win the MVP race for the 2020 season. Miami is currently in first place for the Grapefruit league and San Diego is in first for the Cactus league.  Teams that aren’t looking so hot in the spring are the pirates who are in last place for the Grapefruit league and then Seattle who is in last place for the Cactus league.