Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer

Brynn Eubanks, reporter

The 2020 girls Soccer season is starting, but for the safety of all of the athletes, the first few games are cancelled until March 28. Practices are continued, but there is no set date of when they will play their first game. The three teams are freshman/sophomore, JV, and Varsity. 

      Paola Encisco (‘21) says, “I expect this to be a fun season and to meet new people. I’ve never played soccer so I’m really excited to start. We obviously don’t know when the first game will be, but I’m hoping it’s soon. Our goal this season is to beat Belvidere High School again. Last season our JV team won and it’s a cross-town game so we are really determined to win! ”

  Every athlete is looking to start playing games soon and is super excited for this season to start.

      Odessa Ciciura(‘21) said, “I think our team really wants to beat Boylan and Hononegah and I’m just excited to get better and improve my skills and play with these girls.” 

North athletics is still waiting on when their games will officially begin, and should know more by the end of this week.