Lebron MVP season


Holden Paddock, Writer

Lebron James has been tearing up the 2019 2020 season, it is his 17th season in the NBA and he is 35 years old and is still one of if not the best players in the league. Lebron is averaging 25.7 points per game, 7.9 rebounds, and 10.6 rebounds per game. He is ranked eleventh in the league for scoring, 22nd for rebounds, and first for assists. The Lakers are 49-14 which is the best record in the West mainly due to the way Lebron has been performing. 

Lebron doesn’t only have amazing stats he makes his team a lot better also by getting people open, and the main focus defensively for the other team is always him so that means other players have a chance to get open such as Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green and others. Although Giannis Antetukumpo is in first place for the MVP race by averaging 29 13 and 5 Lebron is right behind him in second. Giannis Also won it last year so it makes it that much harder for Giannis because it’s way harder to get it back to back years. James Harden is in third for the MVP race averaging 32 6 and 7, he’s also leading the league in scoring this year. Kawhi is in fourth and Luka is in 5th for the race. All are elite players and are capable of winning the MVP. Some honorable mentions are Nikola Jokic, Jayson Tatum, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, and Pascal Siakam. 

The reason Lebron should be the MVP of the league is not only his stats, it’s the greatness he brings to the league and his team and the way he makes his team better. He’s literally the king of the league so why would he not be the MVP of the league. There is about eight weeks left for the players to make a race. Right about now during the season is where players make their run because it’s towards the end of the season, and teams are trying really hard to make the Playoffs. Some crazy stats Lebron has from after the all star break are: he beat the best team in the NBA which is the Milwaukee Bucks, he beat the unbeaten healthy Clippers, outdueled the reigning MVP in Giannis, outdueled the reigning finals MVP in Kawhi Leonard, hit the game winner against the Celtics, had a season high of 40 points against the Pelicans and had his third 30 point triple double after turning 35. So, the way he has been performing lately he is the front runner of the race.