How Corona Virus is Effecting negatively on many lives


Brynn Eubanks, reporter

Many CoronaVirus cases are reported daily around the world as it continues to spread. The virus has damaged many things, one thing being school work and education. 


      The IL Governor J.B. Pritzker has put Illinois on a “shelter in place” that started on March 21 at 5 pm and was supposed to last until April 7, that is now extended to April 30. 


      This is affecting students, staff, and teachers by not allowing the in class education students need. Online learning is now put in place for Belvidere North as every other school in the state.


       ”This break has been very stressful and I am worried about how my grades are going to be affected. It’s become frustrating with how much this Virus has ruined like Spring break and having to stay in the house,” said Caiden Kimerly (‘21).


      There are many events to look forward to in May like prom and  spring sports that are now uncertain at this point for Belvidere North. Graduation for 2020 students is taking place on May 16 until further notice. 


      Brynn Messenger (‘20) said, ”I’m not that really upset about it because I wasn’t planning on going to prom but I do miss seeing my friends, teachers, and just being able to get out of the house. This being my senior year it feels like my high school experience is over when I should have two more months of school left.”


      Not only is this frustrating students and teachers it is affecting those that have become unemployed. It is hard for some to be able to afford their necessary resources in need, paying for their home or rent, and not only caring and affording their needs but their children’s and families too. 


        For the employed it is difficult if their kids are now home from school. They are in need of someone to take care of their kids while they are working. Most caretakers are not allowed to leave their home or want to leave their home because of the Virus.


      Overall there is no telling when the virus is going to stop or get better, but all we can rely on is updates and doing our best to stay in our homes like we are told to do. There are many negative effects on everyone’s lives regarding this virus, but everyone is dealing with the same issue, so all we can do is hope that things get better soon.