Dealing With COVID-19


Rachel Nelson, Editor-In-Chief

         Obviously this isn’t how we planned the end of the year to go. We thought we would be at school, having a somewhat fun time in classes with our friends. Seniors planned on having an awesome time at prom, walking across the stage in front of our families, friends and peers at graduation. 

         But because of COVID-19, those experiences are gone. Seniors are missing out on milestones in our lives, on what we’ve been told is supposed to be the best year of our high school experience. Some even missing out on their senior season for sports. 

         We don’t get to enjoy all the little things. Senior skip day, senior nights, maybe a prank or two- I may have been planning something for a couple of my teachers 🙂

         But that’s okay. We get to have a. . . unique senior year. We can look back on this and think “yeah it may have sucked, but our senior year was different than everyone else’s.” 

         To every girl that has already bought her prom dress, don’t let it go to waste. Get dressed up, have a photoshoot. Show it off on Instagram, post the pictures to Facebook so your family can see, VSCO, wherever. 

         In the time that we’re stuck at home, let’s try and make the best of it. Find a new hobby, get that summer body with at-home workouts. Take this time to work on yourself. Get yourself into the right mindset, you don’t have to worry about toxic friends or the stresses of the Constitution tests (which have been waived). 

         This isn’t an easy time for anyone. I asked students to anonymously say something to me about how it is affecting them, this is what some of them said: 

         “As a student, my workload has probably doubled. I honestly expected some of my instructors to be lenient, but if anything they’re being more harsh. Some of them don’t seem to be sympathetic at all. It’s very stressful and I wish they would do a pass/fail.” 

         “I’m sad about missing all of my lasts (last day of school, last concert, last school dance, etc.) but I do enjoy working from home.”

         “I’m losing hope. I feel like we’re not going to get our prom and graduation… our last choir and band concerts got cancelled and everything for Science Olympiad and track is done. Senior year is over :(“

         “I don’t have a job and I’ve been collecting unemployment. My school has decided to go online rest of the semester.” 

         “Not going to school and having to do the work at home gives me anxiety because I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do and I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.” 

         “It is making me feel depressed and overwhelmed by online schooling. I’m three weeks ahead in one class, yet my grade is dropping due to online in another.” 

         “I hate this. I want my senior year back right now.” 

         “I guess it’s making me feel based on how things are doing with school shutting down. It makes me appreciate the things that I have and how I should appreciate the privileges I have a bit more.” 

         “I’m so miserable and I’ve cried multiple times.” 

         “Online learning is bringing stress back into my life.” 

         “It’s honestly making it harder for me to want to learn since I can use notes on my tests now.” 

         “I miss softball.” 

         “It’s been really stressful not being able to get out and see people as well as hearing about all the people getting infected.”   

         Having online learning and being stuck at home is as stressful, if not more stressful, to students than when we were actually in school. This is the time when we need teachers to be able to understand students and realize that this is a hard time for them. Loading on a lot of homework isn’t going to help anything.