Things to do in quarantine


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

      Recently, with the surging health emergency across the US and much of the world, it may be seen as depressing but it can be made into something positive. 

      Staying at home can give you lots of opportunities to do things you haven’t had the chance to do before. 

      For example, watching new releases on Netflix or finally watching what you have saved on your watch later list. 

      Recent releases such as the fourth season of Money Heist, the third season of Elite, Tiger King, and Miracle in cell no. 7 are great options to watch at home. 

      The fourth season of Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel,  features the return of the thieves who in the first season, were set to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Tension strikes the group as they hold hostages during their operation. 

      Elite comes back with the character Polo, accused and arrested for the murder of his friend’s sister, Marina, heading back to the academy where he receives a cold welcome. The season starts with someone falling out of the VIP section onto the main floor. More feuds arise with the characters as they all try to figure out the night of the murder. 

     Tiger King is a limited series on Netflix that follows a zookeeper and the accusation that he murdered a rival of his. The episodes in this series are on average around 45 to 50 minutes long and consist of 7 episodes.

     Miracle in cell no. 7 is a crime drama movie that tells a story of father who was separated from his daughter and has to prove his innocence when he’s arrested for the death of a commander’s child. 

     Other things to do while at home is read a book or finish a series you’ve been putting off. Books such as the Harry Potter series is a good series to revisit to take your mind somewhere else. 

      Baking and cooking new recipes are also great things to do at home. Baking treats and cooking new meals can help you learn how to cook or improve your skills. 

     Learning a new language or learning something new in general are also great to do as now you’ll have a lot of time to do so. 

     Watching YouTube videos or napping are other things to do when at home. 

     While being at home may be saddening, seeing things on the brighter side and keeping yourself busy and enjoying your time is key to making this work.