Positives of the Pandemic


Brynn Eubanks, reporter

Throughout this pandemic it is very easy to only see the negative impacts on all of our lives. But staying positive will make getting through this easier. 


        One of the positives of being in quarantine would be sharing quality time with your family. Usually this time is taken away by everyone’s busy schedules. Now that people of the U.S. are instructed to not leave their houses, there is time to spend with family.


      Also, activities are being done around the house for some people. It’s a great time to get spring cleaning done and get the things done you usually don’t have time for like painting a room in the house or organizing. 


      Some are using this time to explore new hobbies they might enjoy. Crafting such as drawing and painting, or doing puzzles for fun and to pass time. Baking and new recipes is also a fun and enjoyable hobby.


      Meghan Cummings (‘21) said, “I’ve been doing my school work during the week and I redecorated my room. It’s been nice to just sit at home, relax, and spend time with my family.”


      People are starting to make their own masks, because health care workers are in need too. This way people can wear them to work or to the grocery store. If you have unopened boxes of masks either at home or the workplace make sure to donate.


      Overall staying in your home is the most important thing to do right now to get through this pandemic. These are some positives that are keeping people busy that you can do too!