North introduces chrome books


Brianna Zickert

Students working on the chrome books.

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

     Chromebooks were welcomed into North this year as new learning resources. They are used in the English, Science and Foreign Language departments. Next year they are going to be one-to-one with the incoming freshman as technology is improved and North no longer have to replace textbooks.

     “The Chromebooks are very handy to have in the classroom for research so we don’t have to take up library or computer lab space,” said Mrs. Karen Krider, an English teacher.

     Chromebooks allow students to gain access  onto the internet and research a topic more quickly and efficiently.

     The addition of Chromebooks make the Belvidere North move towards the goal of a twenty-first century learning environment. They grant access to Google Drive and a district wide email for each individual to contact other students or staff within the district.

     “For me, I use Chromebooks in my English class and it does save time and energy rather than going to the library or computer labs,” said Laurel Burke (‘17), “but it is very annoying that I can’t print from them.”

     Many issues are undetermined, such as how the Chromebooks will be insured or if the cost of the Chromebooks will effect tuition. Chromebooks also have some issues that students and staff would like to see addressed, such as not being able to print directly from the Chromebooks.  Also, useful websites are blocked that limits the information you can find.

     “As a teacher having the chromebooks are very useful and are more capable than the desktops in the computer labs, but they should have some options given to students, like being able to print” said John Paddock, a Journalism teacher.

     Chromebooks will be used a lot more in high school to have a more technologically advanced society. As next year’s school year comes closer, there will be more answers for the questions and issues that others have.