Death or Destruction on Everest

Death or Destruction on Everest

Trevell Higgs, Reporter

I think the personal fame and glory in climbing Mount Everest is quite worth it and this may only be true in some people’s eyes. Some people may think that climbing Mount Everest is dumb or irrational but honestly maybe it’s not anything but ordinary. Most people could look at Everest and not wanna even attempt it, and there are people out there finishing the mountain. 

I believe people rule things irrational because they have no interest or skill in climbing(or whatever the sport maybe) but when they do something they like, it wouldn’t be considered irrational. Why? It wouldn’t be considered irrational because it’s something they like to do and if it’s something you take interest in then it’s rational right? Hence, why hikers and climbers find climbing Mount Everest rational and they believe it’s worth climbing, asking a mountaineer if it’s worth climbing is like asking a teacher if it’s worth teaching. A mountaineer climbs and a teacher teaches; if a teacher gets asked if it is worth the personal glory to teach their students, most likely would say yes right otherwise why are you even doing it? A mountaineer climbs because that’s what they do, teachers teach because it’s worth the headache as long as the kids learn, for mountaineers, it’s worth the possible risk of death or destruction. 

Some people live near the mountain and see a giant pebble, but others look at it and see a whole journey and life story to tell.; Some people see it as a goal that they would very much love to achieve and yet others still see it as a regular old mountain. I think the question should be, is climbing Mount Everest worth the personal glory in your everyday life? 

Avalanches are the greatest cause of death on the mountain; the youngest ever to summit the mountain was 13 years old and the oldest was 80 years. I think this really shows how anyone can climb the mountain and I think it tells us that the biggest risk on the mountain is the falling ice, not it being purely irrational to climb.