Is Climbing Everest Worth It?

Is Climbing Everest Worth It?

Amayrani Espinosa Lopez, Reporter

 Mount Everest is the highest mount on earth known to be the coldest as well.  Many people have claimed to see dead bodies and lots of trash. Mount Everest was named after a general named George Everest.

Would I climb Mount Everest? I wouldn’t personally, because I wouldn’t like to slip or trip with all the garbage being there when people don’t even care to pick after themselves.” Everest has so much garbage – depleted oxygen cylinders, food packaging, rope – that climbers use the trash as a kind of signpost. But this year’s haul from an estimated 700 climbers, guides and porters on the mountain has been a shock to the ethnic Sherpas who worked on the government’s clean-up drive this spring.”.

    Also, Mount Everest is known to be the coldest, its temperature -60F to-76F but has hurricane-force winds and wind chill. Many people wouldn’t be able to climb Mount Everest just because some have asthma and others have health issues. A person with low iron would be hard to walk and climb Mount Everest because they would get cold easily unlike others who wouldn’t have such a hard time. If using the proper materials many would or can climb MountEverest with lots of knowledge and experience.   “ As climbers move higher up the mountain and their oxygen intake is reduced, their bodies are increasingly at risk for a number of ailments, including pulmonary edema, cerebral edema, and blood embolisms.”

    As many people don’t know, Mount Everest has a cost to it. “The typical cost when climbing Everest with a Western agency is $45,000 and above. With a local Nepali operator, it can be between $25,000 and $40,000.” The cost includes the royalty fee of $11,000 for the peak. Most agencies conduct sherpa-supported climbs. It’s nearly impossible to climb Everest without them. 

       How long does it take to climb Mount Everest? Climbing Mount Everest takes about two months and climbers start arriving at the mountain’s base camps in late March.

     In conclusion, I wouldn’t walk on Mount Everest base on the fact that threatening issues come along and despite the fact that the cost of the money is overpriced.