Why I Wouldn’t Climb Everest

Why I Wouldnt Climb Everest

Kelvin Roach, Reporter

The reason that it seems like a bad idea and quite frankly a waste of time and resources. “Climbing  Everest is the dream of most climbers, until they realize the price that has to be paid monetarily, physically and mentally. Not all can afford to climb Everest.

“I’m one of the people that just about hates everything in life, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that I wouldn’t waste all of that money climbing a mountain that I’d probably end up dying on. But I feel that the thrill of climbing the mountain gets slowly killed after having to get to Nepal, then you have to transfer your money, go shopping for all your gear.  After that, you have to start your trip up the town to just reach a view of the mountain.

 I know it sounds just like I’m whining about doing all of that stuff, but to be completely honest, that just sounds like more of a job then like, “ Hey Bro you wanna go climb Everest”. “You know what that sounds like so much fun lemme just pull out my $45,000”. Like nobody ever says that, and nevertheless if you have a fear of heights just turn away from the mountain already because if everything else hasn’t scared you yet, the worst part by far would be the crevices. “Some over 150’/45m deep and towering ice seracs over 30’/9m high.

 Like you are telling me you’re down to fall like that because there isn’t just one then is over, word on the street they say there is a crazy amount of crevices on the mountain. So, all I’m saying is I’ll just stay grounded on the floor or something else, just heights, extremely cold, and trudging over the crevices, when instead I could just chill out with the boys, and watch The Boys