My Perspective On Mount Everest

My Perspective On Mount Everest

Jozsh Arroyo, Reporter

In my opinion, climbing Mt. Everest for personal glory is not worth it. Why? Well, I have three reasons.  You have to pay in order to attempt to climb it, there is a high risk for no reward, and the environment is dangerous.

In order to climb Mount Everest, you have to pay in order to climb Mt Everest and have months or years of practice before having to climb Mount Everest. So what if you’re still unable to reach the summit with all this training?

The second reason, there is a high risk for no reward. There is a fee that you have to pay in order to attempt to reach the summit and not just that you have to pay for your equipment. It’s a lot of money. Imagine having to waste that much money and not being able to reach the summit. Once you reach the death zone, there is a possible chance of death. The oxygen levels drop. Most climbers have to use oxygen tanks or have trouble sleeping at night because of the lack of oxygen. According to Hannah, “When oxygen is severely limited, the body will compensate by increasing blood flow to the brain. At extremely high elevations, the brain can actually swell and blood vessels begin to leak, resulting in High Altitude Cerebral Edema, or HACE. When this happens, the climber may experience disorientation, hallucinations, and even loss of consciousness.” The most known deadliest tragedy that happened on Mt Everest was in 1996. Eight people died that day. They were all able to reach the summit but weren’t able to get down safely.

Lastly, The environment is too dangerous. According to “How dangerous is Mount Everest?” The most common causes of death for climbers are falls,” says Live Science. The mountain is covered in ridges and soaring cliff faces, and even short patches of bad weather can cause climbers to lose their bearings and slip or fall over the edge.” not to mention the temperature in Mount Everest is -3. Climbers experience altitude sickness after reaching the death zone. If left untreated it can become fatal. If climbers experience altitude sickness they are told to go down the mountain as fast as they can.