Climbing Everest Worth the Risk?

Climbing Everest Worth the Risk?

Enrique Diaz, Reporter

Is the personal glory of climbing Mt. Everest worth death or destruction?

Yes, I think there are various reasons. First, it’s just not worth dying for just climbing to your death. Then you gotta pay $50k, so there’s a purpose to, but the excitement and seeing people you care about die in front of you.  you reach the summit for some glory and get praise from people if it’s just for self adventure is another thing because some don’t want people to praise them.

They just want the danger and rush and blink of an eye.  can die  but most want to get closer to that feeling but really don’t want to die. The waste there’s around the mountain and there is too much garbage and too much human waste and bodies. At some point, people are going to be careless and might be climbing a mountain of bodies. Even the trash might be taller than the mountain itself, but it’s a mountain. It’s not something they care about but people they think about. We mostly can’t help but it’s just natural not to care about the environment as much because glory and praise and self-consciousness are all there is.

However, climbing the mountain comes with consequences. There are going to be too many deaths and people are gonna get scared to even go and then they don’t wanna pick up the garbage. It’s gonna get in their way then they’re gonna get mad that the garbage is in the way knowing they are piling up the garbage and baking everyone else but themselves. They are going to start moving the body’s somewhere else so it doesn’t disturb them but they don’t wanna take responsibility because they are just trying to get to the summit.