Climbing Everest – A Personal Pursuit

Climbing Everest - A Personal Pursuit

Osiel Flores, Reporter

Is the personal glory of climbing Everest worth dying for? In my opinion, it is not worth it at all. Many people like the adventure, others like the rush they get from almost dying. Even though many people have died while climbing that doesn’t stop others from attempting. I personally think it’s not smart to climb that mountain, especially If the person climbing has loved ones that care for them.

 Sometimes it comes to my mind, “ why would someone risk the life they have just to climb a mountain that has been known to be very deadly?”. If I had a loved one telling me that they want to climb Everest, I would try to talk them out of it because one can never be too sure about these sorts of things and it really isn’t something worth dying for, , literally.  

According to Sugam Pokharel,11 climbers have died climbing Everestin 2019.{Sugam Pokharel, Anneclalre Stapleton}

Normally I am always on board to do exciting things, but not when there’s a chance that I might not make it back. I wonder if sometimes the climbers think of what their loved ones are going to feel if they don’t end up making it back. I honestly would hate it if one day one of my friends went to climb Everest and didn’t make it back. That’s one of the problems with climbing Everest, you don’t know for sure if you are combing back safely or at all.

“ The only thing tougher than climbing Everest is raising the money for it.”

The average cost of climbing Everest is around $37,000.” {Anusha Subramanian}

I believe that if you have a friend or family member that thinks about doing something exciting but real risky, you should talk to them to double think it because nothing is worth losing a life or getting badly injured.

Even though people do it to feel self accomplished, I believe it’s not worth it at all. Although I can’t speak for everyone, I wish everyone thought twice about doing dangerous things. This has been my own personal opinion on the question if climbing Everest is dangerous.