Everest Death and Destruction

Everest Death and Destruction

Brad Swatzell, Reporter

Is the risk of Mount Everest worth it? If you want my honest opinion, no because you can say, “I climbed  Mount Everest,” but it’s just going up and down a mountain. 

Risking your life for that is not worth it. Mount Everest is a 29,029 foot tall mountain. But even though it’s that tall it still isn’t the tallest mountain. Mount Everest is a very popular place with a lot of visitors and risk-takers who like to climb it. It’s a very dangerous thing to do there are very low oxygen levels and deep trenches. But people see past that and want to climb the mountain.

There is a lot of pollution there were three metric tons just in the first two weeks. And global warming is starting to melt the snow and bodies are starting to show up. Four bodies have been located on the 8,848 meters. More than 200 mountaineers have died on the peak since 1922. Everest is over 60 million years old and was formed by the Indian tectonic plate pushing against the Asian plate. Mount Everest isn’t the cheapest thing to do. It takes up to 30,000 USD or more just to climb the mountain. And the climb isn’t that easy. It’s covered with snow and slippery ice all year round but people will still cough up 30,000 USD just to risk their lives. 

As of the end of the 2018 season, the Himalayan Database reports that 295 people are known to have died climbing Everest while there has been 9,159 successful summit climbs by 5,294 people. Sherpas find bones and dead bodies in the slippery ice more than they ever had before. In conclusion, Mount Everesteverest is a very dangerous activity but very rewarding if you can get through it. So, if you’re a risk-taker then go ahead and do it but if not I would recommend you stay home for this one.