Climbing Everest Worth the Risk?

Climbing Everest Worth the Risk?

Emily Dennis, Reporter

I personally would not climb Mt. Everest because it is very life-threatening. You are putting yourself in danger. Once you reach that point, there is no turning back. Your lungs and brain start to collapse. I personally don’t enjoy the cold and Mt. Everest is very cold. More people have died on Mt.Everest than survived. If you die up there, they just leave your body. Your family doesn’t get a proper goodbye or anything. If you have a family, you’re even putting them at risk by losing you. You need food and lots of water.

All you gain from reaching the top is bragging rights. It’s not worth the injuries and near-death experiences you have to go through. You have to take months to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare yourself. You need certain types of equipment in order to climb. It grows a little every year, which means it can take you even longer than it takes someone else years ago. You pay nearly $90,000 just to be able to climb it. You waste so much money if you don’t make it.

You especially can’t do it by yourself, you need a team or at least a partner.  It takes about two months to climb the mountain. You waste so much time and effort. A lot of people never recover from that. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting to climb a nearly impossible mountain.

Not only is Mt Everest one of the most dangerous mountains and it’s the biggest. You may never know what you are going to find up there. There are animals, dead bodies, even other groups of people that can potentially hurt you for supplies that they need. You never know what will happen on the mountain. At any given moment an avalanche can occur causing serious, if not deathly injuries. You need a ton of training to be able to achieve that goal of climbing. You run into so many other people up there because there is only one route. So in conclusion, I would never personally climb Mt. Everest because it is not worth the personal glory of possible death and severe injuries.