Is Everest Worth It?

Is Everest Worth It?

Adriel Jiminez, Reporter

One of the questions everyone asks, “ Is the glory of climbing Mt. Everest worth possible death or destruction?” What do you really think?

The only way you would really benefit from this is if you are a sherpa. ( sherpa – a member of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering). The sherpa would guide you through the mountain to get extra money for their low-income families. By the sherpa doing so and coming back successfully it would help out a lot.

Be aware that it’s a high risk of anything going bad, the worse that could happen is death. Then you might ask, “then what happens with the money ?” They give it to the sherpa’s family. Obviously, the money still helps, but remember you wouldn’t be able to see your father/husband. Now, do you think the glory of climbing Mt. Everest worth possible death or destruction is worth it? I would say no it is NOT worth it.

Chances are you’ll come back injured or even worse you won’t even come back at all, the chances of you coming back are very low and I would not risk my life for the ‘ glory ‘ or the money that comes with it as being a guide. In 2019 12 people died trying to summit Mt. Everest, with a total of around 300 people who have died. They can die of multiple causes including avalanches, falls, serac collapses, exposure, frostbite, or health problems related to conditions on the mountain. Around this time climate change is really bad and climate change makes the mountain unpredictable. Each year, each climbing season the mountain gets more unstable and so every year gets worse as time goes by. Aside from all of that, let’s say you make it to the summit and come back down safely, as a climber you get nothing, nothing besides glory. Now as a sherpa there’s not much difference, Sherpas earn about $2,000 to $5,000 per season, with bonuses if they reach the summit. I know if I had a choice to make, I would pass on climbing Everest.