Climbing Everest- #NotWorthIt

Climbing Everest- #NotWorthIt

Sam Manos, Reporter

 Is it worth it?

Wasting Over $30,000 of your own money, and spending around two months, over sixty days, trying to climb a mountain that’s full of cliffs, trenches, ice, snow, and then crossing a place that’s called “the death zone”.  To get to the top of a mountain, that a lot of the times you can’t even enjoy it because the weather makes it unbearable to stay at the top or you’ll die. then going back down, basically redoing everything again.

Personally, I would spend all that time and money elsewhere. I would get a new car or some clothes, or just simply go on a vacation to anywhere in the world I want and still have thousands of dollars to save for a rainy day.  Just think about this for a second. Would you rather spend 30k on climbing a mountain, risking your life and pushing your body to its limits, or would you rather go on a luxury cruise, go to a different country and have fun, meet new people and new cultures. Or even catch up on bills. To me, I don’t think it’s smart at all. 

Finally, pollution. There are 30 tons of garbage and over 100 dead bodies stuck on Mt. Everest. For comparison, a full semi weighs 30 tons. And on top of all that garbage, there are over 100 dead bodies up there. Why would I wanna see the people who died climbing the same mountain as me while I’m struggling my butt off trying to not die? 

The final thing that makes me not wanna climb Everest is that you have to poop in a bag and bring it with you everywhere. There are no toilets obviously, and there is too much garbage and feces on the mountain already so you HAVE to bring all garbage and feces with you. Not only is that gross but it’s not efficient at all, as you climb you would want to lose weight off your backpack so it gets easier as you get higher, now your stuff is gonna stink. For me, none of that is worth the climb.