Everest Mountain

Everest Mountain

Diego Zepeda, Reporter

I personally think that if you’re the kind of person who likes to test their limits then you should totally go for it. But to climb Mount Everest which takes about 1-2 months for you to reach the top then it’s not worth it because you could possibly die from falling into a crevasse or maybe even freeze to death. If you don’t die then someone else who is on your team will most likely die.

I feel like if you are going to climb Mt Everest, you have to mentally train yourself because anything can happen there. Talking about training yourself, you also have to be physically fit, and make sure you or family members don’t have any underlying conditions because that could also play a huge role in whether you succeed or not.

If it’s for personal glory then I would personally suggest you don’t climb it. The reason why I think it is worth it is bragging rights. It’s also expensive. It’s about 60,000 dollars just to climb it not including all the equipment. As you climb the mountain you will see a lot of dead bodies and feces everywhere. Also, you have to poop and pee in a bag. You won’t see your family for like four months you’ll be with complete strangers the whole time you’re on the mountain. You’ll definitely be homesick and honestly, you’ll probably lose a limb from frostbite.

It’s worth it cause imagine just telling the story about how you climbed it and tell your friends and family future kids. I’m sure reaching the top must feel like something insane. Being literally on top of the world is something a lot of people would dream about. I know I would too.