Everest – Not for Me

Everest - Not for Me

Luis Guzman, Reporter

So, for me I wouldn’t climb Everest because there’s no need for me to even be up there. However, if I was in someone else’s shoes like the Sherpas that go up for the money to be able to maintain for their family,  then yes I would risk my life just so my family would be able to eat and have clothes on their back.

 If I was just like this, just being me I would not climb. I don’t need to and would not have too because that’s not the way I want to die. If I don’t make it to the top I wanna die a legend, but no I don’t think Mt. Everest is worth it to climb.

I would stay at home, I mean why are you going to waste money to get all the gear to climb it and then die. It makes no sense or to survive but be frozen and looking purple for no reason. Also,  there’s no reason because you could die or not see family. You’re going see dead bodies for what to say you accomplished. To me, that is something dumb. Why not go take care of your kids and wife before someone else does. Get a better job, I mean there’s WiFi up there, but I would only go to the first stop and take a flick then dip because there’s no point to just give your life.