Everest Climb – Is it Worth It?

Everest Climb - Is it Worth It?

Kat Fernandez, Reporter

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the least logical things to do that someone could have thought to do. Not only is it dangerous, but it is also said that dead bodies remain on Mount Everest. I personally would not climb the mountain because of the risk of dying. There really is no purpose in climbing a mountain that could be so dangerous and potentially result in your death. The fact that 300 people have died trying to climb the mountain should be enough to make you not climb it.

Most deaths have happened because of avalanches, which is a natural disaster that you have no control of so you could be great at climbing mountains and do everything right and still die. There may be a high success rate of climbing Mount Everest but I don’t see the actual point of climbing it. You don’t really gain anything but a sense of accomplishment which in my opinion that confidence is not worth risking your life just to get to the top of some silly mountain. There’s no reason to climb a mountain that others have already climbed and died on. The only thing you get to say is “I climbed Mount Everest.”

Besides it being pointless and risking death you also need to purchase your own equipment to climb the mountain. The average price range for everything you’d need ranges from $28,000 to $85,000. There are a million smarter ways to spend that money than to climb a mountain. Last year (2019) 11 people died trying to climb Mount Everest. Think about all the money they spent just to go lose their life to a mountain. Basically climbing Mount Everest is one of the most uneducated decisions you could make. The risk itself and the money spent just does not add up to be a good decision. Nobody should risk their life or spend all that money just to be able to say “I climbed Mount Everest.”