Everest – The Final Climb

Everest - The Final Climb

Abraham Rocha, Reporter

Mount Everest. The biggest and baddest mountain too climb. The tallest mountain on the planet. Located in Nepal. Standing 29,029’ feet (8.848 km).

Do I think climbing Mount Everest is worth the many possible outcomes? There is one outcome we all want and that is to make it to the top and back in one piece. But there can be many different outcomes with injuries mentally and physically even some resulting in death. In the end, it all depends on the climber and how they feel. On one side you can brag and feel accomplished about reaching the top and you can tell a great story. On the other hand, you can suffer for the rest of your life from severe mental trauma or from a physical injury.

In my opinion, I think if you train hard enough and prepare yourself for an obstacle like this you should definitely give it a shot. In the end, everyone dies and everyone has crazy stories that they can share. I think facing something head-on is better than running from it your whole life.

I’d rather know that I failed at something than to know I didn’t even try it at all.  I feel like climbing Mt. Everest is such a big accomplishment in life, because it’s not just any mountain. It’s the tallest mountain on the planet. I guess it also depends on how you use your accomplishments. Everybody got their own thing. Some might brag others might use it as character development and gain experience from it. Others might use it as a humbling experience. Congratulations if you climbed the mountain.