My Land to Rule

My Land to Rule

Trevell Higgs, Reporter

If I could have my own private island to lead, the first form of government would be a dictatorship. I would want a dictatorship because in a democracy there will be multiple people in power and I feel like that would cause problems. However,  I would still have people who can negotiate with me, although when the time comes I’m the arbitrator.

When I’m in power, I will have eleven people with me by my side to help make good choices for the community and to help make good decisions for everyone to thrive. The first seven will be the enforcers of the law and extra people to give ideas, the next three would be the smartest people on the island and the last would be the heir to power.

On this island, there are only a few rules, no poaching, no taking from the community, no begging (everyone does their part), and should be grateful for what they have. If someone is convicted of a crime they won’t go to the hall for consequences, he/ she will be exiled. Every day there will be hunters, cooks, the gatherers for materials and then the builders. Everyone will be assigned a role and it’s up to them whether or not they choose to complete the tasks, but if you choose not to partake in the society you will be exiled. The island is supposed to be a healthy community so we really don’t want people who are gonna just sit around like dead weight and not provide any help. On this island there isn’t much you could do so as far as rules go, there is no poaching and obviously, you would need to hunt to survive but there is a level to the hunting, we don’t tolerate stealing from the community or begging from the community. If everyone does their part on the island nobody will have to beg.

Another, and when the law is enforced it will not be excessive force. When the enforcers talk to the suspect they bring them to the town hall and we discuss the issues and then if needed we discuss a punishment. Everyone will have a roll and it’s not to enforce discipline it’s to keep the island rolling. Everyone will also have the chance to learn but nobody will be forced to, because if you decide not to learn then you can just have a community roll as long as you are carrying your own weight. If you are starting fights without reason, you will be exiled from the community without trial, but every week there will be a fire and everyone is welcome to join. My goal is to create a healthy, working community that provides safety and equal opportunity for everyone.