Ideal Living Situation

Ideal Living Situation

Kelvin Roach, Reporter

The first thing that I would do to do start would be, enforcing a dictatorship with a party, so nobody has to worry about having to make decisions. After that I would start splitting the people up into groups of hunters and gatherers, they will be able to work together so we can always have a food and water source. The other thing is everybody will have housing and we will learn in the morning and if you don’t want to learn you don’t have to learn every day, but at least two times a week.

I will have my most trusted friends, helping me make decisions, and punishing the people who disobey. The health of everyone will be the main priority. So, a big focus would be to keep the hunters healthy and to keep the gatherers looking for new medicine. Everyone will have freedom of speech, but nobody shall speak nonsense, nor spread gossip, to maintain peace. I will also have a party of my ¨enforcers,” if you will, to help me make all the hard decisions and keep things in order, and to be my bodyguard/ the rulers with me.

I will also keep my family in the safest place with the heir to my throne, and he will be training my son to be a better, stronger king just in case I were to ever die. There will be a school that will meet at the town hall where we will learn basic math, money, how to build, ect. Basically itś a survival school where everything you learn will help you to live in the real world and the islands.

We won’t have any types of banks or something like that, so we won’t have to worry about getting robbed. Nobody is rich or poor, everyone will receive specific, food, or shelter just so everyone can have something that is more personal to themselves, and so there is some diversity within our community. We will have stores, but they will be more like if you have a list –  you put your order in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you have food for the day, but the rest stays fresh, and if your still hungry, yes you can get up to four snacks a day, no stacking tho. This is how I envision my perfect society being ruled.