My Island

My Island

Eli Salgado, Reporter

Upon arriving on my Island where I was elected leader, I brought about the idea of democracy and equal rights among all people. I would lead by serving the people and using myself as an example of leadership. By being a servant leader I would show the people how to govern the people with fair laws. We would vote on who leads the island next and on who goes out to look for food and water and who would look after the children and who would build the houses. 

On the level of your everyday individual of the island. They would have the divine right of free will. If an everyday citizen wants to protest a law and have it changed or abolished all they have to do is walk down to the main government center and ask to change the law in front of the court and the court will decide from an objective point of view.  And of course, the individuals would have basic human rights. 

I would instill the justest laws possible that benefit the people. Laws that prohibit people from harming each other or themselves. Laws that forbid stealing and plotting to steal. There would be certain laws forbidding your basic unethical behavior that the island’s scum would commit. And the punishments for breaking these laws would be mandatory community service and other work for no pay. I would hope that these things would make people afraid of breaking the law.

I would have institutions that would help develop our community to be better at a whole array of things. Like schools not just for the youth but for the adult community too. We would have training centers for learning how to hunt or how to build houses. And of course, we would have government institutions that dictate our laws and the positions of our citizens.