Fair and Equal

Fair and Equal

Cristian Sanchez, reporter

What I would do if I had my own island”

If I had my own island, I’ll probably run it a little different than a dictatorship.  I would run things my way but also be fair to everyone on the island. I will have equal rights and freedom for everyone that lives on my island. Those things would be rights such as freedom of speech. Mostly everything that we have now just a little better, like having their own rights, believing in different things, respecting each other, and having the same type of work as everyone else.

One thing I would change probably is everyone being legal in regards to immigration. For instance, say you’re from Canada or Mexico, I’ll let them be legal. They would have the same rights, the same type of work as everyone else. Everyone has rights and are smart, but also be able to study and work as hard as everyone else.

For school, I would make it a requirement, but it wouldn’t be a privilege. If someone didn’t need to attend or go to school they wouldn’t have to. For grades, maybe only go to school until 10th grade or something like that. For college, I would have some type of coverage for people that can’t afford it. I would allow student forgiveness programs, like a price drop or a different type of school; however, with the same benefits.

In regards to laws, I’ll have the same things, but maybe a little more extreme punishments. If you kill an innocent person you would get the death sentence. For instance, if a cop kills someone with no sort of proof they get death too. If someone gets convicted for a false crime they would also get some type of sorry money for serving time for something they didn’t do. I would also like to enforce rules with nobody judging or saying nothing about it or being able to do it without getting in any trouble. That is how I would like to run my country.