A Better Democracy

A Better Democracy

Josh Stidham, Reporter

If I had my own island it would be run as a democracy because then everyone has a say, and there will be fewer problems of individual rights. Only being on a certain amount of land you want equality not to cause mayhem between citizens. Also, when all laws are agreed upon there are fewer people to act against them. Health care would be provided to those who only make a certain amount a year, making it easier to refund towards the finance of healthcare from the more wealthy part of society.

The people on this island will be free to do as they please as long as it does not go against any laws. Resources would be self resourced, the way of getting supplies would be bartering and trade. Those who work factory jobs would then start to earn an income and, from there businesses would start to populate.

Laws would be put in place and any person who was to disobey a law would be tried for innocence, it would be like today’s court system. You are innocent until proven guilty, there will be a judge and a council to get information to understand if you are guilty or not. Schools would not be GED (general education diploma), it would be taught as they would want to earn. For example, if a kid right out of middle school wanted to go into a trade they would be provided classes to suit their needs. 

Banks would come once businesses become bigger and more money is tossed around. Eventually, there would be stores, and there would be taxes, but reasonable due to the small population.