Ideal Society

Ideal Society

TJ McMillan, Reporter

I have been put in charge of an island and its inhabitants. As the appointed leader of the island, rules and guidelines must be set and maintained. This document will contain the base ideologies and morals as well as the laws that are based upon them and how those laws will be enforced. 

This first section will focus on the moral rules to follow.  All people on the island will need respect for each other as well as their thoughts and opinions.  People should use rational thinking to make important decisions on the island. All human lives are irreplaceable/ no murder. Do not take anything that is not yours.

Now, with the moral rules established, I can begin to create laws. This set of laws will be to help in the course of action when a thief is caught.  If someone is caught stealing they should be apprehended,  and based on the value of the items stolen, either be forced to provide labor service to repay the debt or they can be imprisoned for a number of days. If a person is accusing someone of stealing but there is no evidence then the person accusing has three days to gather enough substantial evidence to make a case. If a case can not be made against the accused then both parties are to separate and cease contact with each other.

Now that some rules have been put in place I can now appoint people to lead workgroups that will be vital in the gathering of resources from around the island. These group leaders will each need to have knowledge of plants and fungi that are safe to eat, how to hunt for meat or how to fish, and how to set up camp. With all of these groups around the island working together everyone has a pretty good chance of survival.