My Society – My Way

My Society - My Way

Sam Manos, Reporter

My islands name is gonna be Monolatos (my family’s name in Greece).

I would be a fair leader, with specific rules in regards to their own punishment. I would enforce the idea that the more severe the crime the more severe the punishment.  I wouldn’t base everything on my own beliefs I would have a direct monarchy. I’d be king with a queen, but have a constitution limiting the king and queen’s control.

I’d have the police and army be the same people. Basically have two separate parts, one that goes to war and one that stays in my territory enforcing laws and being there for people’s safety. Stores and businesses will need a government-issued license to control the economy. We don’t want a bunch of unregulated stores/shops. Every person would have the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, religion, etc. If people want a change they would vote on it, even for government officials. Even the royal family would have a choice to leave or stay, but who would want to rule a country that hates them?  

The way royalty would change is by voting. Once they’re in they have a 10-year term where they are the king but with some restrictions, obviously, the king has to follow the law and order. 

Some of the laws I would have are: 

Murder – you get killed the same way you killed your victim. 

Rape – punishment by the electric chair.

Manslaughter – therapy and jail time depending on the situation.

Theft – a minimum of  one month in jail depending on the severity of the theft

Most drugs would be legal, an addict will find a way to get it, and why not from the government in a regulated way.  This will also keep drug dealers obsolete. 

Unlawful possession of a firearm – void revoked if have one and jail time

These would be the underlying rules and ways I would govern and run my islan.