Running Things How I Want

Running Things How I Want

Danny Gomez, Reporter

If I have been put in charge of my own island, I will be going to run it by democracy.

I will have votes by everyone will put their vote on a paper and put it in a basket then count all of them. I would lead by serving people with equal rights and giving everyone freedom and making sure everyone is eating and living good. Kids will go to school until the age of 15 and then they should go to work. Food would be free at the stores so everybody can eat. There is no crime or hurting one another if you do you will be punished. I’ll be the mayor and own everything in town.

I will ensure all of the rent prices for everyone will be low so everyone can afford it. You can’t hurt or harm anyone or steal if you hurt someone bad for no reason then you will be put to death. No one in my town should have guns, even police shouldn’t have one or tasers. Everyone should respect each other. If you marry someone and have kids you have to stay with that person for the rest of your life.  Kids should respect their parents if they don’t get punished. But kids have the same rights as adults. I would keep my society small, but big at the same time so medium-sized. 

I’ll own all the businesses that are there like fast food gas stations and will pay everyone that works there. There should be no one breaking the law but there are no rules besides hurting other people stealing people’s stuff. Everyone has to respect each other at school at home, in stores everywhere. You can only live with your parents until your 18 then you have to move out and get on your own. You don’t need to start a family but start somewhere then work yourself up from there. Alcohol is illegal, marijuana isn’t but is only allowed to be used at home and not in public places. You will have to be 17 or older to be allowed to do it. That’s how i would have my society if I owned it.