Emily Chambers, Reporter

Belle Petite Ville (Beautiful Little Town)

In Lyon, France, is a small little village called Belle Petite Ville also known as Beautiful Little Town in English. In this town there are a couple of things you may need to be aware of so you know what to do and what not to do if you plan on visiting or planning on making this wonderful full of life town into your next home. Here are some of our weird yet interesting laws you will need to know: 


  1. You are ALLOWED to dress however you want without the consent of authority. 
  2. You MUST only play French music.
  3. You CAN marry the opposite sex. 
  4. You MUST recycle.
  5. ANY form of sexual assault leads to life in prison. 
  6. You CAN smoke. (marijuana) 
  7. You CAN marry the dead.
  8. It is ILLEGAL to kiss while a train is on the platform. 
  9. You CAN’T ride bikes on the street. (to read more click here)..


In this Society people won’t need to worry every day, we have a really good Law Enforcement Team, and we’re always checking to make sure our community is safe and sound. Belle Petite Ville has really good schools only in a 10 mile radius, they are always striving to improve things and as of right now they are building a 1500 ft. candy building for the children. We have a public waterpark and outdoor theatre during the summertime. They have shopping stores in walking distance and every week we give five people a new, free car each. Every job you apply for is $25 an hour and wherever you choose to live comes with all utilities included. Plus, we add our own security system so you don’t have to worry about spending money on a security system. They want you to feel as safe as possible living in Belle Petite Ville so we went out of our way and hired a neighborhood watch.

Belle Petite Ville is all about protection and safety. Belle Petite Ville has a Queen and King instead of a major, Queen Serenity & King Marn both have a lovely daughter Princess Jallene. They run Petite Ville and are the ones who make sure everything is in place or when new things are added to our town just know it was them. This town is so sweet and all the people are very nice and welcoming especially the King and Queen. Every now and then they have a huge feast and invite the whole town over. It really is a nice treat, Belle Petite Ville might be the exact home for you, or if you’re just visiting we hope you come and visit again soon!