My Society

My Society

Amayrani Espinosa Lopez, Reporter

Many societies have different enforcements and the way societies are lead. As a leader of my society, I would have my community trust me. First, I would help out mentally and financially. I would have my people get along with each other, trust, communicate, and help one another.

     My rules would be to have the wealthy people help out the ones in need. I would take more of their income from them, have workers built a foundation for the destitute so they have food, shelter and then once a year have people not vote for presidents, but to vote for what they want to help in the upcoming year as in shelters, food, and people. Citizens would have some of their money to those foundations, but the destitute would have to still work and prove that they do need the help and that they don’t have records of criminal things.

     My laws would have people helping others. It’s a must if the community doesn’t want to help in the foundations then I  would have to take half the income and I would choose the foundation. If for a reason they have problems then they would have to show the proof and then have them pick while I put that year. 

     My government would be more as in how can we help others, what’s something we can improve in and what’s something that we don’t need to do anymore. They would have their opinions, but in the end, I would choose if we don’t agree and then we would have different options to go with and pick the best for the community. 

     As the leader of my community, I would have to show a lot of strength and a lot of trusts.  More importantly, I would be there for my community as we all unite and become better citizens.