Ideal Society

Ideal Society

Jozsh Arroyo, Reporter

If I were to be a leader in society and was in charge of my own island, I would first start off by building my water supplies for my community. I would live next to a source of water so it can supply the whole community. I’d then start off by doing a source of food supplies, and start making a farm with a large amount of land to be able to grow food and animals.

I would then start building houses, and I would build them next to each other and my house would be all the way at the end of the street . The reason for that is so I can know what’s going on around the neighborhood. I would then build walls around the neighborhood to keep unwanted visitors or animals in.

I would then make a townhall for community meetings.  I would make a hospital for people who would get sick or badly injured. Then I’d start building a prison for people that don’t follow the rules of the community. Next, I would start establishing rules.

The first rule would be religious rights. I want everyone to be able to come into my community feeling safe to be able to believe whatever they want.

My second rule would be to not steal things. I don’t want people around the neighborhood stealing each other things. My third rule would be not to commit murder or you will be sent to jail or even have a death sentence. I would then make patrols/cops so they can enforce rules.

Fail to meet the rules and you will be thrown in jail. I would also have farmers come to the village with food supplies every two times a month, or every week to hand out food portions to everyone depending on how big their family is.  I’ll be a good leader because I will be able to reach everyone’s needs in the community.