Ideal Society

Ideal Society

Kevin Mareina, Reporter

 If I had my own country and I had to run it I would make it a democracy. People would have freedom of speech and also I  would allow people to be able to have the freedom to vote. There would be laws and also the police. Everything would be almost the same as today but I would change some other stuff. 

 I would let other people be president by voting who they would want their country to be run by. I will give them a certain amount of time to be president and then let someone else be president so we can see how each person is on the presidential side.

I will also have law enforcement officers and laws like no driving without license and insurance. You are also not allowed to drive under the influence of any alcohol or any drug. Also, I will not allow people to use drugs anywhere so basically I would make drugs illegal.

On  the educational side, I would have k-12 as well and I would have college available. But I would allow help to pay for college. I would make college way cheaper for more people so they can join and have a chance to study something they enjoy and achieve their dream.

The military in my country would be also Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Those would be the military branches I would have in my country. My military would have the same training, the same everything. Also, I would have border patrol and borders in my country, I would not allow any type of smuggling in my country. There would be severe consequences if they are ever caught doing it. The “White House” in my country would be very protected and it will be one of the most protected in the world.

My country would have also have sports and it will have Nascar or other types of racing wich could be consider a sport. Everything will have the same thing around my country.