My Land, My Rules

My Land, My Rules

Karlie Mootrie, Reporter

If I was in charge of my island I would be solely responsible as a leader and dictator. I would have rules that everyone follows like no stealing, optional schooling, health care (no matter who you are we will take care of you), individual freedom, free schooling, free water, driving age is 16, you can have a baby at 18, free swimming, free clothes, and free learning tools.

I will have muscular, buff men as part of my government to enforce the laws. The men would help me enforce the laws by showing me respect, confidence, and loyalty.

In my society, I would have Walmarts, Kmarts, Shopkos, Targets, Woodmans, Sams, and Costco’s. I would have Union Savings Banks, First National Banks, Blackhawk Banks, Chase Banks, and PNC Banks. I would have police stations and courts.

I would distribute resources like, water, clothes, school supplies, and money to get started on the island. Then once it’s distributed it will be a free for all.