Who are you voting for?

Haley McCoy, Center Focus Editor

ABC News

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Clinton’s position on ISIL is that the terrorist group must be defeated, but protecting the Syrian people must be a priority. Clinton would accept Syrian refugees into the country with a thorough vetting process. Clinton has gone on record on the topic of gun control asking “How many people have to die before we act?” in favor of gun control. Clinton would build on the Affordable Care Act, so families don’t have as much to pay out-of-pocket. Clinton wants to expand on same-sex marriage by banning discrimination against LBGT Americans based on sexuality. She wants to continue on President Obama’s immigration plan, fixing the “broken system.” On climate change, Clinton says the United States should have more choice in the energy they consume and produce.


Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders says that ISIL must be defeated, but the United States cannot do it alone. Sanders says Syrian refugees should be allowed passage into the United States, as it is the country’s responsibility to help them. The Senator believes in climate change and has proposed taxing carbon emissions and eliminating tax breaks for fossil fuel companies. He has opposed the Keystone Pipeline and Arctic drilling during his time in office. Sanders says that healthcare is a right that all people have and he believes he can bring the country to the middle on guns. Senator Sanders says the United States must be humane in keeping immigrant families together while still allowing for a path to citizenship. The Senator aims to make all public colleges and universities tuition-free.

GOP Candidates

Donald Trump

Candidate Trump believes climate change is a hoax, an idea created by the Chinese to suppress the economy of the United States. He has gone on record saying that he would veto any gun control measure and eliminate the radical Islamic terrorist group known as ISIL by bombing countries where they are known to have strongholds. Trump says he will have Mexico pay for a wall to be built to halt immigration of the Mexican people into the United States. The candidate is in favor of repealing and replacing Obamacare with “something terrific.” As for details on his positions, Trump has not expanded on many of his platforms.

Ben Carson

Doctor Carson, a renowned brain surgeon, aims to privatize medicaid and medicare, and to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He claims that letting Syrian Refugees into the United States “under these circumstances is a suspension of intellect.” On gun control, Carson has gone on record saying “I have never seen a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.” Carson says he would secure all United States borders and use “every resource” to destroy the Islamic state. Carson accepts the Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriage, but says Christians shouldn’t be “forced to violate their faiths.” Carson believes that tapping into natural resources outweighs any risk of climate change.

Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz’s position on Syrian refugees is that Muslims fleeing Syria should be resettled in the Middle East in primarily Muslim countries, but Christians fearing genocide should be provided safe haven in the United States. Cruz plans to repeal “every word” of Obamacare. Cruz claims climate change is a plan by “power-greedy politicians” to place restrictions on the American people, and that data gathered shows no sign of global warming. Cruz has gone on record about same-sex marriage saying “Imagine a federal government that works to defend the sanctity of human life and to uphold the sacrament of marriage,” criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision dryly.

Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio’s platform on Syrian refugees is not that the United States shouldn’t give them sanctuary, but that the country can’t. Rubio said simply “Gun laws fail everywhere they’re tried,” giving no research or background information on his claim. Rubio says that America should not be held responsible for climate change, but has not been outspoken affirming or denying its validity. Rubio has a more open policy on immigration than his Republican opponents, but still wants small steps taken for immigration reform.

Students at Belvidere North were polled about voting in the upcoming election.
Students were polled over who they would vote for in the upcoming election.
Students were polled over their party identifications.