Let’s end the debate: Pancheros or Chiptole?



Hungry customers line up to order food at Pancheros

Paige Weigle, Reporter

      Who likes overcrowded lines, hipsters, and overpriced food? At Chipotle, you can find all  of these things on a daily basis, in addition to a recent outbreak of E Coli. It’s time that a better restaurant gets more recognition, especially since Chipotle is headed downhill fast.

      Chipotle prides themselves on using the freshest local ingredients in their products. However, the produce and meat that they use travels thousands of miles to Chicago to be prepared, unlike how they say that the company does all the preparation locally in their restaurants. The factories that their products are prepared in happen to be the same place where most of McDonald’s items are produced, including hamburgers, nuggets, and other “value-added protein items” sold at their restaurants. On top of this, paying anything over 8 dollars for a burrito at a fast food restaurant is a little much.

      There are lots of competitors in the burrito business but the most locally prominent chain option is Pancheros. Being substantially less expensive than Chipotle, they make excellent quality food that time after time surpasses Chipotle in superior flavor, always using the freshest and most delicious produce and meats in burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, salads, tacos, and more. Pancheros also gives out student discounts when shown a valid student ID, making your meal even more affordable.

      There really is no reason to go to Chipotle when we have options like Pancheros at our convenience. With the rumors about all of Chipotle’s restaurants being closed down soon, don’t worry, because we have a superior, budget friendly option nearby without the overcrowded lines, hipsters, and overpriced food.