The History of the Cross Town Rivalry


Photo provided by Corrine Boatman

North’s quarterback Bennett O’Connell (’17) prepares to take the snap against the Bucs.

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

      Often times schools in the same city work together and pick each other up when they are down in sporting events, but in Belvidere it is the exact opposite.  The rivalry all began in 2007 when another school was welcomed into the Belvidere area.  

       Both schools offer almost every sport.  The swim program is co-op along with the men’s volleyball team but those are the only sports that will work together when it comes to winning the title.

       Football is easily the most popular sport in the area, and currently North is holding one of the most valuable things over the Belvidere football players heads.  North has taken the trophy back after a long four years without it.  Belvidere has beaten North five times, those times would be 2007, and 2010-2013.

     “Guy’s who plan to return have been in the weight room putting in work to get stronger and faster before and after school everyday.  The past two years without the trophy continues to motivate us to work just as hard offseason as we do during the regular season.  Last year one reason we lost was due to the fact that we were complacent with the score early in the game,” said returning Belvidere wide receiver Phil Kolk (‘18).

      Although Belvidere’s Phil Kolk, believes they will get the title back next year, North’s very own Blayne Lindquist (‘16) and Josiah Cattage (‘16) believe different.

       “It was so easy to get our guys motivated for all games but the cross-town game is the best because there’s always so much trash talk from both players and spectators.  But I must say being able to go to Funderburg and beat them in their house was amazing.  Us seniors have all put a lot of pressure on the younger guys about keeping the trophy so hopefully they’ll work hard enough to keep it in their house this coming season,” said Lindquist.

     “Everyone thought the Bucs were going to beat us the past two years but we fought every quarter and the score board took care of itself,” said Cattage.

     Football is the most popular sport that the schools show much competition towards but competitive cheerleading also brings many fans to the stands.  Belvidere has won the conference title three times prior to North winning it for five consecutive years.

    The basketball program can get competitive also due to the fact that Belvidere has beat North every game for the last four years. North beat Belvidere in the second match of the 2015-2016 season. Belvidere boys basketball also won conference in 2013.  Girls basketball however has beat Belvidere for the past six years in every game except one which was in the 2014-2015 season.

     The last major rivalry between North and Belvidere is the student section, it may not be a sport but it takes a lot of people and practice to get the chants down.  Belvidere won a poll for the Best Student Section in the Nic-10.  The poll was computer based so nobody really knows which school has a better student section, but both schools believe their student section is more powerful.

     Sports and student section rivalry is what keeps the students participating in these activities.  The rivalry brings a lot of suspense to the town’s sporting events but when it comes down to it, the students can create a bond.  In 2012, two Belvidere North cheerleaders passed.  It was one of the hardest times for families and friends/ peers at North, but Belvidere but aside the trophies and the wins to support their neighboring school.  This time was then named to be ‘two teams one town’.  It showed that no matter what the history of our sports teams was, all the students could come together and support one another.

     Now nobody is saying that a little rivalry is a bad thing. In fact, it keeps parents, students and citizens of Belvidere keep coming back to the playing field for more.