Club Sports VS. School Sports


Tom Woolbright

Lee Smith (’16) pitches for his travel team (Rockford Big Dogs).

Connor Walsh, Assistant Sports Editor


Lee Smith pitches for Belvidere North.
Lee Smith (’16) pitches for Belvidere North.

For any high school athlete, the school season is something that they look forward to all year.  For many of those athletes, it is the only time of the year that they will be able to play their sports, and many want a longer season.  Club sports offer this longer season.  

     Club sports usually start up almost immediately after the school season ends.  This provides athletes with the extra games that they are looking for.  

     “While you may play a lot of games during the school season, it just isn’t enough for me,” said Garrett Nelson (‘17), “being able to play travel ball gives me the opportunity to play in twice as many games.”

     Another thing that club sports offer is a higher level of competition.  Since athletes on club teams commit themselves to play year round, they are able to get in much more practice than they normally would be able to.  

     “During the winter, my travel team practices two times a week inside,” said Adam Veruchi (‘17), “The amount of work that I put in during the offseason really helps me improve from last year.”

Many are also looking to extend their athletic careers at the collegiate level, and club sports give these athletes more exposure to college coaches.   Many teams play in exposure tournaments, and many teams travel all over the countries looking for college coaches.  Teams also put on their own showcase events, inviting coaches to watch their players individually perform.  

     While there is nothing wrong just playing for your high school team, it is not enough for some athletes, and club teams offer the extra things that they are looking for.