School dances: date not required



North students get their groove on during the Homecoming Dance.

Izzy Bratter, Reporter/Ad Director

      Whenever a school dance is coming up, panic seems to go through the school. Everyone rushes to find a date and you constantly hear “If I don’t find a date, I’m not going to go”. There is so much pressure to have a date to school events, but is it necessary?

     Part of the “high school experience” is attending school events, especially dances like prom and homecoming. The common belief that if you’re by yourself you won’t have any fun. That’s not true, for example many freshman go to homecoming by themselves and still have fun. Anyone can have fun without a date just talking to everyone and dancing with friends. “I went to homecoming by myself this year and I had a blast,” said Troy Graff(‘19).

     Even if you don’t have a set date to a dance, try to go find a friend to go with. Most of the dates at homecoming and prom are friends together, not actual dates. “I have always gone to homecoming with friends every year of high school and I think it is so much more fun,” said Payton Lindsey(‘17).

     It doesn’t make sense to not experience high school dances just because you may lack a date. There is so much pressure to get a date and it is unnecessary. Nothing is wrong with going by yourself or going with a friend.