Prom Dress Options That Won’t Bust Your Budget


Photo provided by Lizzy Darling

(From left to right) Lizzy Darling (’17), Jacob Hofstetter, Annissa Hintt, Cedric Ignacio, Alicia Pecora, and Jimmy Stillion (all ’16) posing in their prom outfits for the 2015 prom.

Emily Teagardin, Reporter

      The thought of prom dress shopping is running through every girl’s head by the time second semester rolls around. Dresses can range from 100 to 500 dollars or more. The high price of prom dresses can make some mothers faint.

      One of the easiest ways for girls to save money on a prom dress for this season is to borrow one from a friend, older sister, or neighbor, who went to prom last year. You only wear the dress once, so lending it to a friend would be a great idea.

      Stephanie Grose (‘16) said, “Since I’m going to two proms this year, I only paid 100 dollars to borrow one from a friend for the second one so I didn’t have to pay full price for  two prom dresses.”

      Another option is to shop the sale rack at a desired prom dress shop. Some include Gipper’s in Crystal Lake, or Sycamore and Don Galani’s located  in downtown Belvidere.

      On Facebook, there are pages that girls are selling their old prom dresses. You can find a great deal on a dress from someone who lives near by.

      Online dress shopping may seem like a quick way to find a dress, but beware you never know how the dress will fit or look like, despite the low price a website offers.

     There are many ways without burning a hole in your or parent’s wallet for prom this season. Make sure to be smart and happy hunting.