North Youtubers


Halley Stillion, Reporter

      Here we are in 2016, every year you meet someone new. They might be into baseball, drawing, bowling, or making youtube videos. February 14th 2005, a new website was founded that goes by the name Youtube. Youtube was created by three paypal employees then later purchased by Google for 1.65 billion November 2006. Youtube has become a huge success getting a bigger audience every day. On the popular site, you can find people who made the videos you watch. When a certain person who gets a good amount of views on each video, and a good amount of subscribers, they are given verification being paid by Youtube for their success. They are called Youtubers.

      Subscribers are basically followers a person earns. When someone enjoys  youtuber’s content, they hit a subscribe button making them a follower so they are informed of when this specific youtuber makes another video for them to watch. Different youtubers make their videos fall into a specific category. For example, a youtuber could make their videos about makeup tutorials, gaming content, comedy, hauls, vlogs, and much more. All youtubers are different in their own way. Even if one youtuber does gaming like another youtuber does. They have their own style.

      Tyler Demo, who goes by the Youtuber name of Bdemo1 Gaming and Kat Ollmann who goes by KatEpicGaming, enjoys making gaming content. “When I transferred to North I didn’t have a lot of friends so I spent a lot of time at home watching “VanossGaming” and playing xbox. So one day I thought why not try it myself (making videos). What keeps me going is the 100 views I get on all of my videos.” said Tyler.

      “When I was in middle school, I had a channel with two friends. I loved when we used to create skits so I decided to create another channel 3 years ago. My viewers who comment and ask for the next video makes me excited keeping me going.” said Kat.

      Both Tyler and Kat love what they do, but then we get into editing, “It takes 30 minutes to 3 hours just to record. Then another 2 to 5 hours to edit down to a professional formal quality. You can use video editing programs that are free. Such as movie maker and IMovie.” said Kat. Editing is time consuming, but if this is what you want to do, you have to sacrifice time. Time being taken away isn’t the only con, you also have to try to get your videos noticed.

       “It is hard getting people to watch and share my videos. I post tweets, post on instagram, facebook, and text my friends links to my videos.” said Tyler.

     Thinking about being a Youtuber? Growing to be a Youtuber is hard, yet an amazing experience.

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