Movie Review: Deadpool


Photo provided by Jennette Walbaum ('18)

A group of Belvidere North sophomores pose with a Deadpool advertisement at Showplace 16

Kayla Vittore, Reporter

     The movie Deadpool came out on Feb. 12, and by Feb. 14 it had already broke records for profit and attendance.

     Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson, a mercenary with a rough life.  The movie follows him as he finds the love of his life, makes a drastic decision to try to avoid losing her, and loses her anyways.  Through his rash choice though, Wilson gains the superpower of regeneration.  A bullet, a car, a steel beam through the chest, amputation… not only does he survive all of this and more, but his body can heal these wounds in mere minutes.

     Combined with his skills with guns and fighting, Wilson is a perfect candidate for becoming a local superhero.  However, his unique personality guides him towards becoming what is describes as an anti-hero.  As Wilson says in the movie, “I’m just a bad guy they pay to take care of badder guys!”  With his new identity defined as Deadpool the Anti-Hero, Wilson begins a journey for vengeance.

     During its marketing campaign, Deadpool was at times referred to as a love story.  While the main storyline is about Wilson and his girlfriend, there are many other parts to the movie.  It has almost constant fourth wall breaks where Wilson will speak directly to the audience.  There is also a very goofy air about the story, which does a great job of balancing out the more tragic scenes.  At the 8:00 p.m. showing of the movie on Feb. 13, the Showplace 16 audience was constantly laughing at the film’s special brand of humor.  Nonetheless, any potential viewer should be aware that the comedy in Deadpool can be inappropriate for some people.

     Deadpool is rated R, and for good reason.  The movie is chock full of bloody fight scenes, and almost every conversation contains swearing.  Not to mention, there is a rather uncomfortable sex scene and a brief visit to a stripper club.  Anyone who is uncomfortable with the improper side of human nature should probably avoid seeing this movie, or at least be prepared to cover their eyes for a minute or two.

      So far, Deadpool has received positive reviews from both established sources such as IMDb and everyday people.  “I was laughing within the first two minutes,” said Chloe Main (‘18) “Ryan Reynolds was a great pick for the role and I can’t wait for the sequel,”  A sequel is being worked on, titled Deadpool 2, and Stephen Lang – who played the antagonist in Avatar – is rumored to be playing the part of Deadpool’s next villain.  If you want to have a good laugh with your friends over one of the most ridiculous superhero movies yet, Deadpool is perfect for you.  Just make sure your mom doesn’t walk in during an awkward scene.