Planning for the Stress of Prom


Caroline Flynn

A group of Belvidere North students enjoying last year’s prom

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      Prom is three months away,but the stress has only just begun.  For many people April 23, the date of prom,  is so close and is like next week with so much to plan for.  Lots of things need to be arranged, such as the dress/tux, the shoes, the makeup and hair appointments, spray tans, flowers and everything in between.  

      Dress: This decision process will last the longest and be the most stressful time of the whole prom season.  Many teenage girls start to look for the perfect dress at the beginning of second semester because there is a lot to do in a small amount of time like  finding the right dress, finding money to pay for the dress, and choosing the most flattering size.  After that, everything else can be decided.  Two to four months of looking and deciding the perfect dress before prom.  

      Tux:  Guys this is your part.  It’s time to go get fitted for a tux.  What needs to be done is to go into Men’s Wearhouse or any other tux shop to get measured and pick a color you like or one to match your date’s outfit.  Fitting should be done a few weeks prior to the dance, and the tux can be picked up a week or a few days before prom.  

      Makeup and Hair:  The day of prom is very stressful, and hair and makeup appointments need to be perfectly planned so there is no overlapping.  Once your hair and makeup is done, usually nothing else is planned for that day until it’s time for the dance.  

      Flowers:  The florist need to have enough time to make them but you need them a few days before hand so they can be done.  Couples can decide to buy a  corsage and a boutonniere separately or together, whatever works best from them.  Such flowers can be ordered by local places, including Barr’s Flowers or Crimson Ridge.     

      Group:  The group of people that you go to prom with will be in your pictures forever.  These will be the people at your table group and who you dance by on the dance floor.  Choose wisely, because you are stuck with them all night and will be part of your memories.  

      The timeline for prom is short, that is why starting early is the best option.  If you procrastinate, then the opportunity to go to prom will be too late.