Is it Okay to Take a Month Off of School?


Photo provided by Nick Salgado

Nick Salgado (’16) hard at work at his after-school job

Kelsey Lancaster, Reporter

      When you get to your senior year in high school, you start to realize it flies by faster than the other years.

     By this time, a good majority of students already know what they want to do with their life after high school. Some have plans. Some don’t. Starting the middle of your sophomore year, the district prepares you with discussions on college and scholarships. By senior year most students have a plan.

     A lot of people go off and go straight to a four year college or a university after they graduate, but there’s always that option of taking time off to earn money and make a life plan. There are different kinds of people, people who chose the career path that takes sometimes years of school; and there’s the people that chose to go into the job world to earn money.

     It’s not a bad thing to take some time off after high school. “It’s okay to take time off to get your life together before you decide to go back to school for at least four more years” said Ashley Hedin (‘16). You can always take college courses to get a degree. But if you wait too long, you may never want to go back. Either way it’s good to have a plan, and not sit around without a job or money. If you take a month off of school after you graduate, it could be enough time for you to get your life on track with what decisions you want to make. “Why settle for just passing when you can exceed excellence” said Bailey Henry (‘16).

     There are jobs/careers out there that require a certain degree or years in school, but it all depends on what you want to do with your life. Many students feel they need time off because school is stressful. However, this stress does not compare to the ones in the real world.  It depends on who you are, and what your dream is; what your career choice is after you graduate high school.