Top Three Tips for Getting a Job

Sarah Teagardin, Features Editor, Assistant Editor In Chief

      Whether you are bored after school, need some way of earning extra money or your parents are pressuring you to get a job– there are three main tips everyone should follow in order to have the best chances of getting the job.

  1. Apply as many places as you can

If you have one place you really want to apply–that’s great– but remember to apply to other places too. Some businesses may not currently be hiring, or some places may prefer to hire non high school students.  Whatever the case may be, increase your chances of getting the job by applying to an array of different businesses.  

  1.  Make an impressive resume

Make sure your resume is dazzles the employer.  Do not lie about your past experiences or past jobs.  Be honest, and make sure to have your best qualities shine.  Don’t forget about basic skills such as proficiency in Microsoft Word or Excel.  These skills could help you nab the job.

  1.  Nail the interview

Practice potential interview questions.  They may ask you about your strengths and weaknesses as well as why you want the job.  Answer the questions honestly and just be yourself.  Also, act and dress in a professional manner.  Make sure to say please and thank you.  Shake the employer’s hand and keep good eye contact during the interview.  Dress in a professional way– this means no sweatpants or pajamas. Also, if at the end of the interview, always make sure to have a question to ask– this will make the employers think you are interested.  Ask “when will I find out if I will get the job?” or something of the like.

      All in all, follow these three main tips and you will have the best chances of getting a job.  Be open minded about where you want to work, have an impressive resume and make sure to nail the interview.